Debt Collection For Building & Construction

The building & construction industry is notorious for payment disputes, and non payment. It might go something like this:

Hi there! I’m looking for a roofer to help us on a project – would you like to have a look?

You have a look at the job, you quote a price, or square metre rates, and before you know it youve got the job. You order materials. You start on site. Everything is going well. The job changes along the way, a variation here, a variation there, you do exactly as you are asked, everyone seems happy. You finish the job and put in your invoice and then the problems start. You’re not sure exactly who you were working for, you dont know their ABN, or their address. There is an argument about the amount of your invoice, the variations aren’t extra just part of the job, there are backcharges, cant pay at the moment because we havent been paid.

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…or something like this:

You’ve signed a contract and you havent got a clue what most of it means. Most people in the building & construction industry don’t. The contract includes “Liquidated Damages”. You aren’t able to get on with your work as per the program. The contract has strict requirements to claim an extension of time when you are delayed by the builder or other sub-contractors. The builder says dont worry, they wont enforce the liquidated damages clause. You finish the job, put in your final claim, and, surprise, surprise, you get a payment schedule deducting a large sum of money as liquidated damages.

Read in “Our Sevices” page how to deal with this and learn better for next time